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Important Tips for Your Home’s Roof Replacement Project

A roof replacement project is an expensive and time-consuming affair. Make sure that you plan and prepare for it well so that there are no hassles and delays. If you plan it effectively, it can also help in saving you valuable time and unplanned expenses.

Follow these tips when starting a residential roof replacement project.

Consider Re-Roofing

You should consider this option based on your budget and the condition of your existing roof. Also referred to as roof-over, the benefit here is that you will be able to save the expenses on removing the old roofing. It will involve installing the new shingles over the old roof. However, it is not a recommended method in the long term because it can reduce the lifespan of the new shingles.

Consider the Ventilation

Ventilation is an important element that affects the life of your roof. When discussing the roofing project with your contractor, make sure ask about the type of ventilation they prefer including. This factor is going to affect the attic temperature during different seasons.

Protective Barriers to Protect Your Home

When installing shingles, make sure that the contractor installs protective layers to protect your home against water and ice shields. It is important that shingles aren’t installed directly to the wood on your roofing. The barrier is more important if you experience heavy rains or ice.

After Sales Service

Make sure that the contractor you choose offers after sales service and warranties on their workmanship and materials. A reputed roof installer is going to provide standard warranty that covers the material and labor. You may also want to check if they offer extended warranty.

Besides these points, it is also recommended to take care of the following points before your residential roof installation project:

  • Keep your children and pets off the area
  • Move your vehicles off the area that may be affected by the roof installation project
  • You may want to remove your wall decorations
  • Make sure cover the items in the attic
  • You may have to prune trees before the project begins

So make sure to follow these tips when preparing for your home’s roof installation project.