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What is the Likely Future of the Internet?

The internet was among the biggest innovation of the last century. Since its introduction, various technologies have been powered by or integrated with the internet to make life easier and better for everyone. As new technologies emerge, there is increased speculation about the future of the internet. In this guide, you can explore the likely developments you can experience in this context.

5 Years into the Future

According to experts, internet will become available to everyone on this planet in the next 5 years. Even if this may not become true for the world, it is expected to be the future for the developed world. ISPs and nonprofit organizations are already working to cover the unconnected populations through several programs. Some big cable companies are also working to reach out to the low-income population with affordable services.

10 Years into the Future

It is expected that the degree of connectivity will reach a level in the future where people will be able to create ‘digital countries’. Shared interests will be the factors determining such ‘nationalities’. It is expected that this can make people more empathetic towards each other.

15 Years into the Future

It is expected that internet will make it easier for educators to teach their students. The developments in internet technologies will lead to the creation of virtual schools. Besides, machine learning technologies will help educators to customize the lessons according to the characteristics or traits of the students.

Some of the other changes expected to take place in the near or distant future include:

  • People being able to access permanent internet connection
  • Virtual and augmented reality becoming an integral part of the online experience in different areas
  • A matured ‘Internet of Things’
  • Businesses will have to adapt to the dramatic changes in the technology arena

It is also expected that the internet will find its way beyond the earth in the future. It is expected that settlers will be able to access the internet on Mars in the future.